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How to use Bondo (Tutorial)
A tutorial for using Bondo when molding

Bondo Supplies:

Bondo Body Filler (Details)
Bondo Spot/Glazing Putty (Details)
Paper Cup
3-5 Popsicle sticks


1. When first molding things you want to use Bondo Body Filler.  It is stronger than Spot Putty.
2. Take a paper cup and take a regular spoon and put in about 4 spoonful's of the filler in the cup. You might need to use a Popsicle stick to scrape some of the filler off the spoon
3. Now take a clean Popsicle stick and make a line at the 0in and the 11/16in. mark. Then take the hardener and squirt it out from the 0in mark to the 11/16in mark on your Popsicle stick.
4. Now stir the filler with the Popsicle stick that has the hardener on it and stir it until it looks like its all one color.
5. You have about 15-45min to work with it depending on how well it's mixed.
6. Plop a hole bunch on the area that you will be working on such as: For wide body kits plop a whole bunch on the side, for custom body kits plop a bunch on the bumpers. The bondo will try to drip so you might want to use some masking tape around the area that your working on such as: fender flares or WBK's, tape behind the wheel wells.
7. DO NOT TRY TO SHAPE THE BONDO AT THIS TIME. Let it dry for about an hour. It will be really sticky for a little while.
8. Once its dry you can start shaping.  For the basic shaping use x-acto knives.
9. Then once the basic shape is layed out its time to sand, sand, and sand. When sanding work your way up to the higher grit paper. Start off with about 220 then work your way up to 600 grit.  If you need to create holes in the bumper use X-Acto knives.
10. After all the shaping is completed, you get to sand some more.  Use 800-1200 grit sand paper now for the final touches.
11. There are most likely little holes in the molding now. This is when you will use Bondo Spot/Glazzing Putty to fill in those tiny holes. Do not use a big glod of it, just take a toothpick with some putty on it and dip it on the hole. Let it dry then sand it smooth. Once again use the 800-1200 grit sandpaper to finish it up.

This tutorial was brought to you by GTmike400.