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Clear Hoods
There are a few ways to make clear hoods or "Show-Um" hoods.

For clear hoods:
1) Trace around your hood on to a soda bottle with a peramnent marker. Then cut out.

2) Trace around your hood on to the back of the Modifiers package. Then cut out.

For Tinted Hoods:
1) Trace your hood onto a colored soda bottle. Then cut out.

2) Take a clear hood that has already been cut out and use Testors transparent paint and just paint over the clear hood.

To make a clear/tinted hood open:
Take the stock hood and use a rotary tool to cut the hinge of the hood. Then attach the hinge to your hood with glue. NOTE: It is VERY POSSIBLE that the new hood will NOT line up smoothly and/or evenly!!!