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Join Team Excess Boost

To join Team Excess Boost you must have pictures of your mod.

1)Your mod should be customized in some fashion

2)Your mod should be unique in some way

3)You should have a picture of the interior and 3 or more
      pictures of the exterior and any other pictures
               you wish to have posted on this site

4) You must have multiple of the following depending on your choice(s):
              Custom Exterior Paint
              Wide Body
              Fender Flares
              Roof Scoop
              Hood Scoop(s)
              Side Scoops (ex: Mustang Sides, NSX Vents)
              Custom Body Kit (At least the front bumper)
              And It all has to look nice and clean

Send pictures of you mod or link to
In the subject menu put: "Join".  Or make a post on the
Modifiers forum and in the subject menu put ATTN:Team Excess
Boost.You will be contacted a later time about your mod(s).